About Portraits

Aasha, Watercolour and ink on paper.

A portrait done of someone that one knows well should be easy to do. But the truth is that I have not found it easy at all. Every attempt seems to leave
something out, as though the complexity of the individual being painted is only being hinted at.

A surface being scratched with no real depth or understanding being achieved.

Aasha, Ink on paper.

I have had a few reasonable portraits of Aasha, one drawn very quickly with ink and watercolour, one carefully painted a few years ago in oil and the last, an ink drawing. None really capturing anything other than a quick glimpse or facet of a complex and deeply private individual.
This is perhaps a struggle that I will continue with for some time. Perhaps as long as I can hold a brush or a pencil.

Aasha, Oil on board, 2016.