India, 2005

In 2005, having earned some money working on mosaics at the New Metro Mall, I visited India. India had a profound effect on me. Not necessarily a spiritual effect but rather in the sense that I saw colours and people that seemed to move something deeply in my being.  I also saw buildings that were simple and which seemed so easily built. I realised a need, then, to begin building too. 

Like so many others who have visited the subcontinent, I came back changed and strangely driven. I came back and began to get involved in three dimensional projects. 

Being in India and seeing how things were done there gave me sense of volume, I think.  The conceptualisation of the Permatent in Morija. The design and building of Diksha in Hakhohlooa on the Metelong plateau. The building of a number of ovens in Lesotho, all of which have their seeds planted in me having seen clay granaries in Rajahstan.